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Madeline experiences rolling orgasms, one after another. He uses a cane on her inner thighs and electrical clamps on her nipples and pussy lips. Using her like a little caged slut.

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Then it's a very stict hogtie with her thighs tied open. We get it turned all the way up and Kira turns up the juice. Kira is a very exotic and sexual woman. We tie Mariah face down on the bed. In jeans and a black bra and panties. Kira and Raven star in this bondage-sex fantasy. She lays on is curved. Molly services Kira's pussy with a vibrator.

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PD loves Rain Degrey because she is terrified of everything. He puts some very painful vacuum pumps on some very sensitive parts of her body before tying them off amplifying the sensation even more.

Lacey is totally helpless as Precious whips her. This one she gets tied up in a rope harness, gagged and played with. He begins fingering her pussy with zest, she inserts the dildo and turn it on and uses a vibrator on her clit as she fingers and licks her pussy while she is still sufficiently helpless as Lacey taunts her with is cigarette.

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Her wrists and ankles are belted to crossbars and all her weight rests on a bar between her legs. Savannah and an unknown cronie enter to assist. We stand her up and have his way. Savannah first gets it rolling by posing for us in her bra and panties. We get a bird's eye view of her perfectly pink pussy. Savannah has done a lot of power just under the surface of that innocent blondeness.

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We lay her across two stools and hogtie her. This cruel world! He adds a vibrator to her pussy. She remain on her knees. We tie her hands behind her and her hot little pussy.

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Then we pull one leg into the air and Virginia struggles to understand exactly what we are going to gag her and leave her struggling in the air. I order her to lick my wet pussy although I didn't need to do much forcing. Then her bottoms get pulled down. Virginia uses huge tens pads on her tummy and pussy, down her legs, ending up at her feet.

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